Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I tried to buy local today. I wanted a tin of apricots. Not a big deal I thought as we live near an apricot area. The first tin said 'made in China', the second tin said 'product of Australia. The third tin which I thought was a local brand said ' product of South Africa.' I began to lose the plot about here! Two tins left....

One said product of Malaysia - didn't even know they grew the things AAAAAARGH

And the last tin said........ wait for it.........'Product of Chile'.

I gave it up and went apricotless to the checkout.

I think the shelves are telling me to go bottle my own!

Next year I think we'll be making a short trip to the orchard zone - about an hour away at most.

viv in nz


kale for sale said...

Apricots from Malaysia? I never would have thought.

It's no different in California. We grow everything and I once tried to buy apples from the state and every variety was from another country or state. Like you, I left appleless. Now I shop at the farmers' markets where the apples come from a shorter distance.

knutty knitter said...

farmers markets are brilliant and normally I would shop there but its mid winter at present and the choices are a bit limited :)

viv in nz