Tuesday, January 24, 2012


And now back to normal transmissions :) I killed the comments section by trying a new widget. Very bad! Took a while to get the comments back again but they are now working properly (I hope).

We did a short trip to Milton the other day to visit the wool factory shop. I got quite a bit of wool and a new pullover for Matt. Amongst the wool, I got some noodles (half spun wool) which I am going to make hats out of as it knits quite well. When I had finished untangling and winding the wool into balls there was a bit left over so I decided to try a needle felt object. I've done a lot of felting but I've never tried needle felting before. I only had black and white so I ended up with this.....

He is under 2 inches high and cost me a lot of finger pricks because I am new to this but I thought he came out quite sweet :) He is now sitting on my keyboard. I won't be pricking my fingers so much next time :) If there is a next time......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Morris dancers

A whole crowd of Morris dancers morrised their way up the street the other day. There was a convention in town apparently :)

So there you have it :) A little bit of interest for the day.