Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tomorrow I become a puppeteer again as the seven dwarfs interspersed with a bit of handsome prince. My dear little dwarfs are all on one leafy branch which I get to move round lots. There is one detached dwarf who lives mostly with his friends but then goes off to sit by the glass case with Snow White. He gets passed around a bit.

Its our second production as a group and we are definitely improving.

Us puppet manipulators don't have to say anything as the whole thing is read by a narrator. The set is mostly draped pieces of silk in various colours hung on small wooden frames and we are visible all the time so we have to not wear bright colours etc.

Its all good fun and I'll post a photo or so if I get the chance.

viv in nz

Friday, January 9, 2009

new year

I didn't realize how long it has been since I posted in here. All sorts of things have gone on and I haven't written a thing. Its a bit late to do so now but I can at least say that I haven't made any new years resolutions mostly because it is something we have never done in our household.

I am a bit ambivalent about setting anything out in concrete here as I never did take this stuff very seriously and see no reason to change now. I either mean what I say or decide to vary my actions according to need at the time and so this day has never been any more important than any other day.

It did have some neat fireworks though and I am a sucker for fireworks!

viv in nz