Tuesday, July 29, 2008

wet, wet, wet

It's been raining for a week and when it didn't rain it sleeted or snowed. I'm so behind with the laundry that I did it anyhow and hung it out regardless. There was a small patch of sun round midday, between showers, that almost dried some of it so now it's hanging all over the living room on coat hangers.

The cats keep getting wet and then drying their paws on our laps (jolly cold paws too!). I think they do it on purpose sometimes. I forgive Skilly (short for skillsaw and she deserves the name - she's a great ratter) though...she caught a mouse in the back of the kitchen. One down and we still need a few more mouse traps.

Hubby helped out my mum getting some flowers from the garden and came back with two beautiful camelias - first out this year. I know flowers aren't 'practical' but they do lift your spirits.

Youngest is now 10. Doesn't seem that long since he was a baby. He was adorable then but I don't think I'd better say that now (though I still think so).

I've nearly done for my fingers doing patchwork this week but the result looks quite good so I might get on and finish it for the local competition. I'm going to try for the odd photo in here so you can see what I'm talking about. It really depends on hubby though as I'm rather illiterate on computers.

viv in nz

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