Sunday, December 15, 2013

Free Angel Pattern

This is the pattern I made for christmas some years back.  It is not commercial so some of the stitching is averaged out.

You will need-
Two colours of yarn (dress and arms)
A pair of appropriate sized needles for your yarn.
A foot of fancy thread for hanging and a small bell or bead.
A small wooden bead (preferably not varnished) for the head
Fluff for hair (I use unspun washed wool)


Cast on 4 stitches
Row 1- k1,yarn over, k2 tog, yarn over, k1
Row 2-knit
Row 3- sl1, k1, yarn over, k2 tog, k1
Row 4-knit
Row 5- sl1, k2, yarn over, k2 tog, k1
Row 6-knit

Row 7- sl1, k3, yarn over, k2 tog, k1
Row 8- cast off 4 st, k to end.

Repeat pattern 3 or 5 times (for a frillier look)

On last pattern row cast off all but one stitch, turn work sideways and cast on along the top edge for top of skirt. There will probably be random left over stitches at the end of these next rows - don't worry just knit and purl them :)

Row 1- (k3, k2 tog) till end
Row 2- purl
Row 3- (k2, k2 tog) to end
Row 4- purl
Row 5- (k1, k2 tog) to end

From here decrease every row by k2 tog until casting off the last stitch.

Sew up back seam.


Cast on 16 stitches in the other colour and cast off again leaving a longish end.
Join arms together using the long thread and threading the bell or bead in the middle.  Take the long thread through the arm to the halfway point and sew on the top of the skirt.  Finish off ends.

Attach the head by threading the needle with the fancy thread and then go down through the head, through the top of the arms and skirt and then back up through the head.  Equalize the two ends and lay the hair across between them before tying the thread (so the hair acts to hold the head in place.). I always finish by drawing a very simple face with a fine nib pen.

Hope you like this and I'm not even going to attempt to move the photos to anywhere appropriate - they are in order :)


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Thanks for your comments on the last post.  Christmas will be very different this year indeed.

However, to get back to life etc. I have to report that youngest son Will has won several awards this year including a distinction for his all round work, a special award in stage craft and the junior Shakespeare award along with his group.  They did an awesome job of their piece and totally deserved it.  Will took top actor and the girl playing opposite him got second top as well.  I'll be interested to find out what they do next year as first year seniors. Grandma did know about the acting but not about the rest.  I think that is what is hardest - not being able to run next door and tell her stuff

I'm still trying to get things back to normal but just can't seem to concentrate at all on the quilt.  Might have to keep making socks for a bit.. Useful at least.