Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well. its been a busy day. I seem to have spent most of it with needle and thread as planned but there was the odd interruption. Hubby's cold has kept him home again ( cough cough cough from through there!) and it rained all day (it just knew I needed a load of washing done - oh well maybe tomorrow) and the kids missed the bus from school. Had to go pick them up or leave them to soak for an hour! Figured one bad cold was quite enough for the present so went to get them and found they'd taken refuge with a neighbour near the school. They were only mildly wet :)

Anyhow I did get most of my piecing done and I might be able to think better tomorrow (although there's still some coughing in the background).

The other news is that I'm now using Linux almost exclusively and tis great! With a better video card I could finally dump windows for good but I have to do some saving for that. It might take me somewhat longer to crash this system and it is so easy to use once its set up - it is a big asset to have a hubby in IT as well as a brother doing a masters degree in some sort of computerish engineering. (Perhaps a little more useful than a doctorate in asparagas which my brother in law got).

They are telling us to expect snow tomorrow so that will be interesting. Probably won't come to much though. It tends to melt a bit fast round here so about 2 hours is the normal limit before slush sets in and then just water.

See you later, its bedtime here :)

viv in nz

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