Saturday, October 30, 2010

Felt photos

I finally got some photos of a few of the felt items I have been working on. Some are posted on the other site as well (Artfibredunedin.blogspot) but I thought it would be good to have them on here too.

The larger items I did before the extended playtime event and with the Steiner ladies. The smaller items are from the playtime and the book I have done since. The beaded and free motion quilted piece was the last one I did before my sewing machine died. I am still without it because money is tight round here and 26 cents doesn't fix a machine. Maybe next week will be better!

Anyway, enjoy the view.

viv in nz

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The rooster

Over at Frugal Kiwi I got reminded about one of the stories that go with our hens.

This was some time back when we were living out on the Otago Peninsular in a very small 1871 cottage in poor repair. It was an idyllic spot with a stream full of crabs and whitebait and the odd eel. We even spotted an octopus or so and various fish. There were canoes we could launch off the front lawn when the tide was in half way and paddle down under the road bridge and into the bay. (Any higher and the boat wouldn't fit under and lower meant you ran aground ).

However, to get back to the main story, we had gained a few chickens from a friend. There were two hens and a rooster all half-bred bantam crosses. The ladies were very prolific and managed to raise 18 chicks in one nest and 12 in the other. Overpopulation ruled!

Fortunately most of these offspring turned out to be hens but as we were severely short of space, we gave one hen and her 12 chicks away and kept the other hen. The extra roosters would be for the pot. Once the hens were grown, we made our choices and gave the rest away along with a couple of the roosters. That left us with five hens and three roosters.

We let the two young roosters free range permanently and caged the hens and the senior rooster each night. This worked well for about a year and then things changed - for the worse. The large white rooster started acting up and beating up the senior rooster. That couldn't continue so we decided he just had to go.

The deed had to be done after dark as he was impossible to catch until he'd roosted for the night so we kept an eye on him until he settled and then planned the assault with the neighbours in tow as backstop and because they owned a large machete to do the chop and for moral support (we had only done this once before).

Tim, the neighbour, was a tall thin person looking rather like he should be in a monastery of the more laid back sort, so he got the job of trying to get the bird first. It was a bit out of reach however and departed rapidly for the hills followed by various bits of profanity.

Tim extracted himself from the tree along with Matt, who had been acting as backstop in the other side of the tree, and we all set out in search of the missing rooster. Tim still had the machete in his hand as we all wandered round the local houses looking for that rooster.

I often wonder what the people in the b&b next door thought when Tim wandered up to their door, in the middle of the night, complete with machete, and asked if they had seen a white rooster go past :) Must have made their stay 'interesting'!!

We did find the rooster a few minutes later in somebodies back yard and dragged it back to face execution. That went without a hitch and the result was a pot of chicken soup. Most useful thing that rooster ever achieved.

viv in nz

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I learned how to make felt last week. It is something I have wanted to know about for some time but have not had the opportunity to try. I created two pieces on my first effort, one of which is rather nice although it is by no means finished yet. Then, over the long weekend workshop, one of our members taught us how to do the really fine felt and I created an orange piece that I hope to turn into an iris and a couple of leaves to o with it.

After that I got sort of keen (understatement) and have spent the last day or so composing a book made from felt with a selection of my samples as content. I mostly used brown wool for the pages but I did the cover in a reddish pattern with flame coloured pieces. The book turned out rather soft and tactile but has stiffened up a little since I added the samples.

I will photo the whole thing when I get the chance as well as getting the Trotters Gorge photos on here. In the meantime I have hunted out a view of the Quarry Gardens. These are a major part of my view from my living room window and are nice to walk through too.

viv in nz

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

time flies

Time just flies when you are having fun. I just spent four days at a sort of camp for arty fibre types. There are now lots of half finished projects waiting to be done and a few that got finished. It was great to spend all that time just doing stuff and hanging out with others and their stuff. Lots of cross fertilization going on idea wise as well as lots of how to for stuff not yet attempted.

I hope to get up some photos soon but need to finish a few things yet :)

viv in nz

Monday, October 4, 2010

Season open

Well that was a great first day - not! Two mini angels and a scarf for a grand total of $16.

Its been no better since :(

As a consolation, here are a few good photos of this and that. The top one is the front veranda with my wheelbarrow full of petunias. This year I hope to fill it with various lettuces and maybe a few violas.

The bottom photo is taken out at Aramoana which is a stunning place although also notorious for a mass murder some years back - theres a rather good movie of it now.

We mostly go here for picnics as it is only about 20 minutes from home.

The rest of the week just has to get somewhat better!!! I'll write about the other nasties later.

viv in nz