Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well things are moseying along same as always round here. The new exhibition has been up just over a fortnight and seems to be popular with the tourists which is good. I have handed out lots of cards and I think we may get one or two new members as well.

My Uncle says that the house owned by my cousins in Christchurch is green stickered which means it is liveable - just! There is a sea of sandy silt in the back yard which their small dog thinks is great - beach day :) The house is fairly extensively damaged but, being an old Victorian villa in wood, they will repair it. Their street is mostly impassable but they can get out. They now have power but no water or sewage. They do have a well in their backyard though and have built a long drop toilet.

The set of flats next to them are so badly damaged that they will have to be demolished along with half of the city as far as I can make out.

The positive is that only one person known to our family has been badly hurt (The brother of a friend of my sister) so it is property damage that will be the biggest loss. I haven't heard anything about the state of the other relations houses but they are ok. I shall no doubt find out in due course.

My brother in law has driven his tanker up there several times and says that it seems as if the ground is always on the tremble but there was only one mild 'real' earthquake whilst he was there. He had a number of stories from people who were there at the time and I gather it was just unbelievable how much things moved around. It will be a long time before things even start to get back to normal I think.

viv in nz

The photo is Trotters Gorge just out from Palmerston

Friday, February 18, 2011

Photos of the exhibition

The main site is taking its time due to the people concerned being away so here are a few pics taken with a decidedly downmarket camera.  They didn't come out so badly though:) The link has a number of other photos - mostly by James (14).

The top is one of mine and so is the bottom.  The middle is one by Rowena that I just love :)

View the rest of the gallery here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The big event

Well, we have finally had our bi-annual exhibition and I have spent the last couple of days setting it up here in my shop space.  It looks good but not as good as it did in the bigger space in town.  Still, its not half bad :)

I let James leave his one club today on the understanding that he find another closer to his tastes to be a part of.  He really needs to be out there and somewhat social just to balance the acres of time he spends glued to that darn computer!

Things have been somewhat mad round here and I can't really believe it is so long since the last post so I apologise for that.  However, things will get back to normal (if there is such a thing) now and probably not be as interesting either (but somehow I doubt that).

Anyhow, there should be some great photos coming up at the other site so if you want to see what I have been up to - go check it out.

Lake Hayes
Meanwhile I will find a photo or two for here :) The top one is us and the house.  The council has replaced the messy street planting since then so no more free rosemary.

viv in nz

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to school

William is back at school today and James goes tomorrow so a new year is started - the last we will have with primary school as William will be at high school next year too.

That means less expense for school but probably more for other things. Also it means I get some time to myself except on Tuesdays when I teach. In fact Tuesday looks like being booked up solid for everyone except Matt.  I think that might be out take out or left over night somehow.

I have finished the sewing for the end of the middle section for the quilt but have yet to join it in. Today has been a bit of a no hope day - no energy, a blood test for me and mum, the plumber inspecting a couple of what I hope will be minor leaks and Matt going out to a client.  I think I forgot to take my asthma meds which hasn't helped either.

Oh well, there's still some of the day left :)

viv in nz

The photo is one half of our community center in transit across the fence.  The other half followed and they ended up just behind the crane on the left.  This means that we no longer have to go through the main school grounds to get to it which is a vast improvement (or will be when its finished ).