Thursday, February 21, 2013


Its been an interesting week round here and I seem to have reached perpetual motion territory.  The weekend was full of patchwork mostly with a dash of Farmers Market (of which there will be more coming up) and a lot of heat.

It has now cooled off a lot and I have resorted to a woolly jersey.  We were supposed to be taking a boat trip this afternoon but the sea was too rough so it has been slated for next week instead.  I cleared up the kitchen and fancied up the potatoes for dinner instead. Not much of a replacement activity really but it needed doing.

I am down to the last 11 rows on my quilt which is good.  Only about 460 pieces to go.  It looks good - well I think so.  I promise to post a photo when its a bit more complete.

Sprocket chased a bee and the result was...
He is fine now

 As you can see...
 This is the beach at Wakaouaiti.
We had tea on the beach (hot chips) on the way back from holiday.  I have a special other holiday post for later too.


Friday, February 1, 2013

holiday/new stuff

I am still keeping my art school options open but it doesn't look financially possible at present.  I have picked up a bit of work though and been made redundant from my old job unfortunately (on my birthday no less!) so I've kinda lost what I gained.  Oh well...

Anyhow, here are a few more pictures from holiday,

 The Arrow river is only a very short distance from where we were staying with Grandma.  There is a very beautiful walk/bike track on both sides of the river here with a footbridge at each end of the part we use.

This makes it a great place to walk grandma's dog Poppy.

Who likes water...
and running...
And looking at other dogs.

We did this walk almost every evening and sometimes in the morning too - although the boys mostly took Poppy at this hour.  William also did a lot of bike riding on these paths.  Swimming is not an option really as the water is absolutely freezing cold.