Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I finally got a newer photo of Sprocket. She has a liking for sitting in rubbish bins. This one is a particularly nice one I made as a potter somewhere in the early 90's.

I have decided that all the odd wool scraps should be used so I am making a collection of 'odd' socks. I'll probably have them on the sale table at the local school fair so that peeps can pick their own as none of them match except in size :) I've also been experimenting with a small sock in the same way. The first one looks pretty good in purple and yellow! Whoever get these will never lose them even if they don't fully match (they are scraps after all :).

You can tell I used the flash I'm afraid.

These are the first few socks plus the experimental one which will be the start of another collection of odd socks.

Hope you like these photos.

viv in nz

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Life is full of socks at present. All sorts and shapes and colours and sizes. I think I'm onto pair fourteen so far this year! Mind you, they are great for those times when you are bored out of your mind and there is nothing better to do - like committee meetings!

I joined the knitting squad in the valley and, guess what, they are all into socks too. Must be the cold weather or something.

My present pair is 'left over wool' socks. Rainbow mostly and rather bright because I tend to use bright colours anyway.

The mid winter community dinner was held last night and there was an entire line of socks pegged up across the hall. There were also three display boards from our fibre art group showing some of what we are up to. The food was pot luck and interesting and delicious too. The dinner keeps getting bigger and bigger. The hall is starting to look rather full :)

I'm a bit lacking in photos so I will post one or two from earlier collections.


The first is Sprocket of coure, the other two are from a trip to Trotters Gorge which is just out from Palmerston. The rock formations are really wonderful.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I finally got on to putting up some wallpaper behind the new (recycled bench unit. The wallpaper was some my sister didn't use in her old house and there should be enough for three walls even if not the fourth. It turned out to be horrid stuff to get up and the edges have pulled away something chronic but I think I can fix that with some pins and some stronger glue once the paper is fully dry.

It totally transforms that part of the kitchen! If you mentally delete the unfinished stuff - it doesn't look like my kitchen at all but much fancier :) On the other hand, I am not going to post a photo until I've dealt to those edges.

So here are a few 'other' photos instead.

These are more symposium shots around Queenstown and Arrowtown, including one of my seat in the car for the four hour (more or less) trip home! It was a little 'snug'. I did get to try the front seat for about half the trip although this too was a little 'snug'. That is what you get when you try to fit three people, their sewing machines, their luggage for a week, their sleeping bags and pillows (plus the three extra sleeping bags etc used by the other party)and their fabric necessities into one medium sized car along with their three selves and their handbags, cameras, lunches, thermoses, drink bottles and I'm sure you get the picture.

It was soooo worth while to be part of this though.