Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thanks for the comment Cath - I've been a bit slack on here recently. Nothing much to say and all too much to do.

So..... we had a really good Christmas followed by a heap of crappy stuff including a leaky hot water cylinder, a broken car, a lack of funds due to someone else not paying their bills, a kitchen sink disaster, a vet visit for elderly cat and on top of all that, the insulation people were due and we had to clean out the cellar which was a complete mess and fill a 9 cubic meter skip with old hedge and general rubbish. And all of the above happened inside of a fortnight.

Results were;

A new cylinder bought with a small mortgage extension and we have to take the supplier to court to get our money back.

The cat is on thyroid medication (oh joy....) which requires a tablet daily for the rest of his life and we have to save up to get his teeth done. I suppose that isn't bad considering he is 15.

A new secondhand double stainless steel sink and bench unit is now operational. That was an epic. My brother and brother in law were going to put that in for my birthday as it only required the u bend to be attached. Unfortunately, when they took the u bend pipe off, it fell through the floor. Unfortunately when they retrieved it they found it hadn't ever been attached to the drain.....unfortunately that meant they couldn't put the new one on which meant that unfortunately we had to pay for the plumber to do it and also we unfortunately spent a week!!!!! with no water, hot or cold, no sink and absolutely no way of washing things unless we went down to the stream! The only saving grace was the cold tap on the bath which, by some miracle, still worked. Oh and we were so short of money that we couldn't eat out except for fish and chips once. I hope I put enough unfortunatelys in there :)

(Anyhow I now know why that piece of garden is always so damp. We just thought it was the overflow which also goes there.)

Insulation underfoot and overhead. Should be set for next winter :)

A driveway clear of enormous old hedge plants along with lots of blood, sweat and sore bits and a much tidier cellar.

A car that sort of goes but which won't get another warrant of fitness so in about 2 months we will have to resort to feet, bikes, buses and the occasional car loan.

Holiday? What holiday!!