Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I read too much!

I've been reading lots of doom and gloom on some of the more technical sites and it is rather depressing. I am beginning to think that perhaps they are a bit too doom and gloom and should get outside into the fresh air a bit more or something. Or at least talk to someone positive for a bit. Life is worth living still especially at a local level.

It's a bit late to write much tonight but will get back here shortly



Green Bean said...

ha! I do know what you mean. I had to stop reading some of that stuff. Yes, I know things are bad. Really bad. But we still have to embrace life while we're here. Honestly, I think it is important to make oneself aware but after a while I had to pull away so that I wasn't wracked with anxiety all day and could actually be happy.

knutty knitter said...

Maybe we're all trying a bit too hard. I like to follow trends too but I do try to be a bit less sheeplike than I was when I was younger :)