Monday, July 28, 2008

Seems to be a long weekend here. Spent far too much of it being cold and damp and then had a birthday party on top. I sent them off to the movies to see Prince Caspian. That seems to have been a hit. Then bacon and eggs for lunch (birthday boy's request) followed by a mildly decorated cake. I'll have to rethink it next year candle wise. 10 seems about the limit on that cake size!

After that they played games and then went home happy. Was really simple. No party games, no party baggies, no lollies or icecream or chippies. One creamed sponge and a plate of fruit with lots of grapes (favourite food) and that was it. I hope the next birthday is that simple!

Total cost.... one small bottle of cream, one sponge cake (locally made with jam and fresh cream centre), one bag of grapes (largish) and tickets for four with one large pot of popcorn plus 4 eggs and 5 rashers of bacon and some spinach leaves for under the egg on the toast and they'd have got that for lunch anyhow.

Lets hear it for great cheap birthday bashes :)

viv in nz

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