Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I hate computers. I just got to the end of a first design draw and it crashed! So much for that... an hour of work down the drain because I was so involved I forgot to save. Aaaaaaargh! And to think this was supposed to make life easier. At least graph paper stays where you put it.

Anyhow enough of that. It snowed here today, cold, cold, cold. I am so grateful we managed to get the double glazed window in this year. It gets every last bit of sunshine (between snow showers) lets in heaps of light and is draught free. My little one bar heater is now capable of heating the whole room even in these conditions. I also get great sunset views from it :)

I've got the boys catching buses from school now. It is a bit of a mission as they have to walk from one stop to the next to get the right bus. It isn't cheap either. When it gets to summer they can do half the trip by bike with my hubby as his work is en route and leave their bikes with him. At this time of the year it is too dark, wet, icy so I take them all and some of their friends as well. Pity the only suitable school is so far away.

I think I better recreate that design before I forget it........

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