Monday, June 30, 2008

green potato mountains with bacon

favourite dinner on a cold winter night.

potatoes for the number being fed, peeled and boiled until just cooked.

Bake two rashers of bacon per person in a roasting dish. Set the bacon aside to keep warm.
Do the rest while the bacon is cooking.

1 grated onion (more if numbers to be fed are large)
grated cheese (tasty) about half to one handful for each person
pinch cayenne
salt to taste
a large bunch of finely chopped parsley (I munch it in a herb mouli)

Mash all the above together. (hint; add cheese slowly as the mixture should be firmish not sloppy) Make into mountains dipped in breadcrumbs.
Place into baking tray with bacon fat and put a dob of butter on top then grill until golden.
Serve with the bacon.

I usually end up with about two per person. You can leave out the bacon if you want and replace with a little oil to stop sticking.

Enjoy :)

I never even got to make the mtns tonight....the boys just grabbed large spoonfuls straight from the pot. They said they were hungry!

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