Friday, June 27, 2008

greenish stuff

I read several serious blogs today and it's depressing how much mess can be created with one system of capitalism. I've said for years that we undervalue community and overvalue individuality without the least notion of what responsibility really means. How can you live in a community without taking care of everyone else who also happens to live in that community. By this I don't mean we need to live in their pockets but just that we should know who they are so that if they or you need help in some way (big or small) then it can be given.

A small example would be my neighbour across the street who happened to notice I'd left a car light on and told me before I got a flat battery.

It's this small stuff that will make a difference in times of recession. It will allow us to help others where we can..... I have spare linen, you need some...have this. Two doors down have too many tomatoes...would you like some. There's an apple tree here with spare some for the kids? These are the sort of values that the doom sayers don't take into account.

They are also the sort of values which will stop us from ever living in an upmarket ghetto.

A person's worth cannot be measured in money or status but only in who they are and how they act.

I think those economist types must have got to me. I've gone all preachy on it :)


Chile said...

We all need more neighbors like that. And, we all need to be that neighbor....unless, of course, you have one of those neighbors that would come over and steal your car instead of telling you about the light. ;-)

knutty knitter said...

I think I would hate to not be neighbouly even with that sort of neighbour, and yes I have been there and done that and they didn't take a thing from me :)