Friday, June 13, 2008

I can't believe I'm doing this!

As a complete technophobe this is going to be a challenge. But here goes...

I've been reading other blogs for some time now so it makes sense to try this out for myself. Unlike many of you out there I didn't grow up with computers or even TV. I can still remember the first time I saw a TV. I thought it was absolutely fascinating even in rather grainy black and white.

When we did finally get one of our own I was glued to it whenever it was on. Fortunately transmission was limited to about 6 hours a day and a lot of that was after bedtime. I now wish that it was still limited to those same hours because it seems to me that people spend far too much of their time watching it instead of doing stuff like talking or thinking or going to clubs etc. I have a suspicion that computers also take up rather too much time so I'll only be found here in the late evenings.

Everything in moderation as great-grandma used to say to grandma who said it to my mother who now says it to me so I can say it to the kids. I just hope they listen!

Anyhow , a little more about me. I am rather greenly inclined but with a techno edge here and there where I think its useful. I believe in people rather than things/business/finance. I like the ideas about local living and food and have tried some of the challenges set out by Crunchy Chicken. The first blog I read was No Impact Man and I've been trolling through the lists ever since... great fun!


Smegzor said...

Hey there!

Welcome to the internet :D

Gypsy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere - hope you keep posting! Would love to hear more about what you are going - or just about the gorgeous Otago Farmers Market that should be the model for Farmer's Markets the world over!