Wednesday, October 22, 2008

th tax man cometh

I don't really mind taxes on the whole. I know they get spent on stuff I don't approve of as well as stuff I use and do approve of but that's alright because life has to be compromised in some places. What I really hate is how the tax is always for last year. Somehow we always end up paying heaps of tax in a year with hardly any income - being self employed can be a real bummer sometimes. Even in a good year you end up paying for all the stuff you couldn't pay for in the previous year because that year you were struggling with the tax from the previous year and I think you get the idea.

Maybe next year I'll finally get a bathroom.... Maybe even the kitchen!!! With a real sink and an oven :)

Dreams are free.

Hey...maybe we'll be able to have a bedroom and stop sleeping in the living room. There's a radical thought.

I do see why people spend money on lotteries. Sometimes it's the only way out.

Well, at least the tax will be paid by next week.

viv in nz

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