Wednesday, October 8, 2008

pie in the sky

Its a funny sort of day today. One minute its bright hot sunshine, the next its coming down cats and dogs. I did get my washing dry but only because the storm that came through was mostly hail and vanished relatively quickly.

The boys have been on computer far too long but it is school holidays I suppose. Youngest son and me made quilt blocks for the club meeting tomorrow. He wants to be a full member and I said he could but would have to miss the odd meeting if it ran too late (he's only 10 and normally in bed by 8.30). He's starting to master the sewing machine quite well.

Eldest thinks it isn't worth his while because it doesn't include computers or sweets, but he will quite happily help with bread or puddings. He still refuses to have anything to do with greens unless buried in sauce of some sort. He's a bit unlucky with puddings too because we don't have them on a regular basis.

I keep reading doom and gloom in the various economic and financial sites but then look out the window and see lots of green and houses where I know all the people and like most of them too and think that our family really is lucky even if we never have had regular income. I don't think we'll starve just yet. I just wish they would get it over with and let us all start rebuilding properly for a good future - now that probably is pie in the sky but whatever. Dreams are free.

Another little storm coming up - better go collect the rest of my washing,

viv in nz


Davina said...

How wonderful that your children are so involved at home! I hope my little one continues to be interested as she gets older! And I totally agree about the economy! But, I think we all have so much to be grateful for and that we can weather this storm - just like you getting in the laundry before the showers start again!

knutty knitter said...

If she's interested now it will probably continue to interest even if things get a bit patchy at times.

William did quite a bit as an 8 year old but he really only got into it properly this year and the year in between was hopeless. 9 year olds appear to be programmed for major chaos.