Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Plastic in my kitchen

I read the post by Beth on Fake Plastic Fish and decided to clear out the kitchen. I took special note of the plastic out there which turned out to be somewhat more than I'd like. First there was an old bread bag. I mostly make my own but when I buy it there is always a plastic bag.

Then there were a couple of tie tags from something - I think one of them might have been off an apple bag. The other was most likely the bread bag. The apple bag was next to be disposed of along with three other fruit bags. I do try not to collect plastic but sometimes the bargains are too good for a cash strapped family with two locusts pretending to be children :)

After that there was the bag the meat came in. A small bag maybe but still plastic. I thought I might have everything at this point but I reckoned without the cat food bag and the lining from the tin of tomatoes I used in the hot pot.

Rather a lot of plastic all round especially as I am trying not to end up with a rubbish bag full. I have cut my usage from one rubbish bag a week to one every three to four weeks but I can't afford to be smug just yet.

I'm just waiting for the next horrible installment of plastic to turn up. It must be nice to live in an area where bulk buying can negate a lot of the plastic I end up with.

viv in nz

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Anonymous said...

Hi Viv. I just had an idea. Since your blog, and the blogs of many others is not specifically plastic or environment-related, how about creating a Label for posts about issues of plastic and then let me know when you've done it. I'll link to your Plastic Label on my sidebar. Going to create a list of folks attempting to get rid of plastic. How does that sound?