Saturday, October 11, 2008

Green bunny/dog cushion

Youngest got all inspired by a book he borrowed from the library at the last quilt meeting and also by the dog cushion I made out of it for my sister whose birthday is on Sunday.

He sorted through a stack of material until he found a piece he liked and that I would let him use (appropriate weight, size and ease of use). Colour I left up to him. Why he picked a darkish green I'll never know but that is what he wanted. He then picked a flowery lime green for ears and a christmas print for the inner ground. I gave him the sizes and left him to it.

He wobbled a bit when he came to do the chin so I gave him a bit more info (but didn't physically help) and then told him to draw the ears as he thought they ought to be. Which he did. I did help him cut the curve across the top as he is left handed and my scissors aren't as sharp or tight as they might be.

He got them sewed up fine on the machine, curve and all although he did have to redo one a bit. I showed him how to turn them inside out and he picked a fancy gold thread for the detail edging. I threaded the machine for him ( and showed him how for next time) and he ironed and sewed those ears with only one slight oops.

I cut the outer strip for him and pinned it to avoid accidents to those ears and he sewed that and all the following strips into place log cabin wise. I had a stack of pre-cut pieces made into a continuous length and I let him use that. Rather a lot of it was pink, flowery or both but he didn't mind a bit.

I did sew the finished front onto the back for him. Then we disembowelled an old cushion for its stuffing and he stuffed it.

The result was a real credit to him but it looks more like a rabbit in some ways. The ladies at the club thought it was great.

He took it to bed with him.

Love at first make :)

viv in nz

ps. We won the block of the month draw so we got his first block back along with 10 other blocks so I will now have to make them into a special quilt.

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