Monday, August 25, 2008

What goes around comes around etc.

What goes around comes around. You help me, I help you and the next person does the same. Community is so important and I'm glad to see that I did make a few of you think along a slightly different road. I do have an advantage here...I very rarely see anyone I can't get on with. This doesn't mean love for all... it just means I try to find the common ground and talk to that ground. The rest doesn't concern me except where it harms others and there I do have issues.

I went to a lecture by David Stallman the other night and I must say I was very impressed. I'd also hate to be a dissenting voice in his presence. He's really good at annihilating the opposition. His form of freedom has constraints, just as mine has, and has to be worked at. His aim is the betterment of the many instead of the few and the free transmission of information to anyone who needs it. (At least that's how I see it.) It was fantastic to see someone like that who won't compromise his standards for anything short of better standards and is prepared not to make money, for example, into some sort of god to be idolised above all else.

As my brother says, it isn't all the fake money floating round out there that is the problem. It is all the fake money which is being used to buy real things that hurts because that lowers the value of real products. Maybe there should be a law which says that money should be tied to something real that does exist and can be quantified.

Any thoughts?

viv in nz

ps. They're promising yet more of the wet stuff....aaaaaaaaargh!

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