Sunday, August 17, 2008


I shouldn't be watching so late but I do like seeing all the sports that aren't rugby (national obsession round here!). I've always been a bit divided about sustainability when it comes to sport or entertainment. I mean are we to go boringly into the future with nothing but sustainability on our minds. Even ants do that. Maybe we should look a little at what it is that makes us human rather than what bare survival is.

We compete for little gold medallions. Yes we do, and I, for one, would rather have this than competing for anything else with guns and armies. I think perhaps we should encourage it even more if it will take out that element of humanity a bit more. Its also entertaining as we vicariously live our dreams through the efforts of others. It may not add anything to sustainability but it is definitely cheaper and less harmful than other pursuits.

There is also one other factor which covers not only sport but all the other extraneous things we do as well - it employs us when we have become surplus to the so called 'real world'. This also is to be encouraged so that fewer of us become locked into factory farm life. Let's face it; if we used all surplus funds to employ scientists, artists, athletes etc. the world would be a very different place. I keep thinking of all the untapped talent out there, some of it starving, that could advance our humanity in so many ways. Surely this must be better than the present system which appears to value only those who successfully move money around for their own benefit whilst ripping everyone else off.

Freedom to me means no one goes hungry or lacks opportunity to advance in whatever they happen to be good at. (Olympic jam makers anyone?) Anything less cannot be called free especially if the bias is due to things beyond your control such as gender, race, religion, background (I always feel sorry for children of murderers.) etc.

Whatever... individuals will find their level if given a chance and some will be brilliant whilst others will be pedestrian but all should be by their own choice not out of necessity.

viv in nz

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