Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My fingers hurt tonight. I've been hand patching all day. It will be fun to see what I've created this time. I never quite know until it really is finished and this is an actual competition piece. It has a set size and one piece of set (horrible) fabric which I have stared at for several months - I pinned it to the wall. It reminded me of lollipops, those dreadful huge swirly ones in bright orange and red. Well that idea was never going to fly - I just imagine a room full of the same idea and think I should be able to come up with something better and I hope I have. I'll post a photo when its finished.

I know we are supposed to be sustainable in all ways but how sad if we never see anything made just for fun or art or love. I think life would turn into a very bland thing. I make lots of useful quilts with real scraps which I prefer anyhow because you have to be careful and come up with interesting patterns. I normally allow myself one bought piece per quilt and that will often add scraps to my collection as well.

I've got one pinned to the curtain in the living room/bedroom/workshop which needs a back and some quilting but I'm not convinced I'm finished with it yet. I do have to finish the other one in progress because its for eldest's 12th birthday and that is in September. However that is relatively straightforward (with lots of small turtles :).

My fabric collection now spans 4 generations which makes planning fun. As long as its sewable I'll use it eventually. I think perhaps I do handwork the way other people cook or garden. Well I suppose someone will have to make clothes etc when the factories don't.

viv in nz


Going Crunchy said...

I've always dreamed of quilting. I snuggle down in one in the winter and it feels so homey.

knutty knitter said...

It's not so hard to do really. It's more a case of finding the time to make a big mess :)

You should try it sometime.


ps try something small and simple first one was a complete disaster although I did resurrect it later once I'd done a class.