Monday, February 27, 2012

Three earwigs and a caterpillar

I have spent the last couple of weeks preserving fruit and tomatoes for the year. We got cheap seconds in peaches and nectarines last week and I set to and did the lot - about 18 jars worth. Along the way I found a few 'friends' inhabiting my fruit. They went into the scrap bucket for the hens so I hope they get eaten! The resulting bottles of fruit will undoubtedly get eaten but should last a fair while. I still have pears and apples to go - probably with a few more 'friends' as well. Mostly codlin moths I imagine.

This is the latest item to go up the street (although not with Matt).

I'm also adding some old stone bridge photos from a place called Ophir.

And James with a little friend :)

This hedgehog is now somewhere in the vicinity and probably a lot larger as it was only half grown here. James does seem to have an affinity for small, non human friends. Now if we can teach them not to roll themselves into a ball on Baldwin Street......



ms lottie said...

Mental image of tumbling hedgepig!!

knutty knitter said...

Stopped by fast thinking shoe :)


Val said...

Cute little hedgehog. Here we have rather large porcupines with long, deadly quills. I've only seen one of the crossing the main road at night but I've picked up several formidable looking quills next to the washline.

knutty knitter said...

Not sure I'd want to meet one of those face to face :)