Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I finally did the apples on our tree. They are really only good for apple jelly so that is what I made. I have saved a few of the larger ones to make into preserves when I get a proper supply of farmers market apples a little later though. I'm thinking that with some tlc it might become a reasonable tree for cooking apples.

I am also finally working my way up the yoke of my winter cardigan. I have to say that so far I really don't like working on the circular needles - much prefer to use double pointers.

I took my spinning wheel to knitting group last Wednesday and the girls were impressed with the windmill affair made by my Dad to wind wool after plying. My Mum no longer spins so I grabbed it to use for my own work. It works a bit like an umbrella so you can pull the skeins off once they are wound. These are two photos taken by a friend.

I believe the handle came off an old mincing machine :) It is really easy to use too if a little Heath Robinson over engineered.


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Annie said...

Love your yarn winding contraption!