Sunday, February 12, 2012

The blue lake

Part of the trip we did at christmas was to an old haunt of mine and a very favourite place (although it has become sadly touristy recently. The blue lake is actually the remains of an old gold mine which got so deep that the pumping system broke and the whole thing filled with water. The reef they were following went under the township of St Bathans so there was no further work done. The white clay base made the lake look very blue indeed when I was young but there was a creek overflow with agricultural run off which mostly destroyed the base and now the colour is rather green instead but it is still a very beautiful place despite being man made. So here are some pictures taken by me, Matt and the boys.

And a gratuitous cat pic because I don't know how to delete it :) Yet!


ms lottie said...

Amazing scenery. Totally unlike anything up this way. And the cats are awfully cute! If you have posted a pic and you want to delete it, just click on it and options (like add caption etc) should appear in a blue box. One of them is delete. So now that you've posted this post you would have to go into edit posts, click on this post and delete the picture once you are back into the post. I've just read that back and it sounds like gobbledygook!

knutty knitter said...

he, he! I know what you mean :) Anyhow, I rather liked the kittens so figured they could stay but thanks for the info. I will try that next time I stuff up. (A regular occurrence :)


Val said...

I loved the kittens too so glad you didn't delete them. What a beautiful lake and I can't seen any signs of tourists! I'm finding the new word recognition impossible to read, haven't been able to comment on my favourite blogs so very frustrating.

knutty knitter said...

I got hubby to post one or two with comments about that because it is just so annoying. Hopefully there isn't a problem here - I did check but who knows!

There were plenty of tourists but mostly in the township - it is a fair climb down to the lake.