Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Just a quick post to say I'm still alive but down to dial up speed because the boys used all the data.

William got his plates today so his mouth is full of correctional gear and he isn't speaking right yet although that will improve with time :)

It is raining fit to burst outside so my garden efforts are put off briefly until the sun arrives back. There should be lots of late blossom to photo by then as the trees are well budded up and colouring now. The rhododendrons are looking spectacular through the rain. Hopefully they will hold until the weather improves so I can get some good photos this year. Both the new apple trees are doing well and we have a brand new crab apple courtesy of the council which accidentally ring barked our last one whilst weed whacking the empty paper road next door. The new one looks about the same age as the old one so we haven't lost out and we are happy with the outcome. The man from the council said that they take on lots of temporary staff at this time of the year so there are occasions like this. I'm just pleased they apologised :)


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