Monday, October 3, 2011

wet felt pictures

It occurred to me that some of you might like to know just how these pics are wet felted so here it is.....

Materials needed

one piece bubble wrap with the bubbles facing up
one piece whitebait netting (the square kind) enough to fold over the top as well as the bottom.
various multicoloured fine merino wools (carded)
an old plastic bag
soap and water


lay out the bubble wrap and the netting
Cut two pieces of wool (three if the top is to look plain) and tease out carefully to the size wanted. These should be very thin and see through for the best (and quickest) result.

Lay the first piece horizontal, the second piece vertical and then make the picture piece horizontal on the netting (sandwich like).

Fold the net over these three layers keeping the fold away from the edge. Damp down carefully with water and then rub with soap.

Work with the plastic bag crumpled up horizontally and vertically checking every so often by lifting the net (this also helps prevent too much sticking) When the piece is solid enough, turn it over and work the back. When the three layers are bonded so that they don't separate when pinched, wash the felt and then bash it lots. (the children had a great time throwing theirs at the floor :) This will make the fibres close up and the whole thing shrink.

This whole process should take about half an hour. Then let it dry and embellish as you like :)

Note - if you want more even edges it pays to lift the net and fold or push them into place well before finishing the rubbing.


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