Friday, July 8, 2011


Well, she makes a nice little boy!!! We now have to transition to him. Fortunately his name is just as good as ever.

It has been a week of school interviews, report cards and I took Mum to the knitting squad where we generally froze as there was a conference on (mental health nurses!) and there were staff taking things hither and yon and leaving the door open. It was absolutely freezing outside and there was nowhere else to decamp to due to numerous displays etc.

I now have a cold......I just hope Mum doesn't catch it with her health being what it is but we weren't to know. Anyhow, I got half a mitten made which was something, along with the usual chit chat. We are a very diverse bunch of people which makes for interesting conversations.

The school reports etc were all fairly glowing which doesn't sound like my lot at all - I was complimented on my nice, quiet and thoughtful young man - you know - the one we think is outrageously noisy and out there! We even had teachers enquiring about what classes he wanted to take next year and please could they have him again!!!!!

Sprocket has got bigger!

Funny things get seen on our road quite a bit. Some sort of fancy scooter just went down. I missed getting a photo unfortunately but I did snap this a few weeks back.



ms lottie said...

Lucky you didn't call him Lucy!

knutty knitter said...

Ha! Yes. I did think of Margaret May for some reason but Sprocket just seemed better :)