Friday, July 15, 2011


Its been a really cold week round here - rain, snow, hail, sleet etc. That cold I caught last week has not been helpful either so I have mostly hidden in here. However, I'm going to have to face the great outdoors soon or run out of clothes. Washing does tend to pile up at this time of the year waiting for a half decent day but, due to that really nasty cold, I went and missed the last half decent day!

Sprocket is no longer a boy. He was neutered a couple of days back and came back very affectionate after his little trip. The vet said he either smooched everyone or ran round and round like a mad thing - too much energy in that small fur ball. Trying to keep him quiet for 24 hours was merely an exercise in frustration!

He has bounced back just the same as ever so I don't think it affected him much.

He found my dried beans this morning and has been playing with them all over the house (they are still in their pods and rattle and rustle well when attacked). There was also a marathon running session up and down the hall, across the bed onto the windowsill and repeat.....lots. He has now gone to sleep on the couch. I will probably be finding beans in all sorts of places for a while :)

I finished the pair of mittens I started last week and they will go onto the stall at the school fair too as they are still not a perfect fit. I will play around with the pattern a bit more as I think it can be improved quite a bit yet. I also have a pair of socks to knit for a friend who is going to renovate my wooden needles for me (one at a time so I don't have to stop knitting) and I have a few improvements to make in another pair of socks for a dancer. I think some extra ribbing in the back of the heel and under the instep should do the job.

School holidays will probably slow things down round here but I do hope to get William's room fixed so that he can do his dance practice there. His exams are coming up rapidly and he needs to do some extra work as he is grade 5 this year and can't just rely on what he does in class.

I'm going to investigate my photos - probably be as irrelevant to the post as ever :)


Two photos from the Catlins and one sunset from the back yard :) The Purakanui Falls are just wonderful if you ask me :)


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