Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I finally got a newer photo of Sprocket. She has a liking for sitting in rubbish bins. This one is a particularly nice one I made as a potter somewhere in the early 90's.

I have decided that all the odd wool scraps should be used so I am making a collection of 'odd' socks. I'll probably have them on the sale table at the local school fair so that peeps can pick their own as none of them match except in size :) I've also been experimenting with a small sock in the same way. The first one looks pretty good in purple and yellow! Whoever get these will never lose them even if they don't fully match (they are scraps after all :).

You can tell I used the flash I'm afraid.

These are the first few socks plus the experimental one which will be the start of another collection of odd socks.

Hope you like these photos.

viv in nz


Mickle in NZ said...

That beautifully shaped and glazed pot is way too beautiful to be a rubbish bin! At the very least make it "Sprocket's special space"- her very own handmade and glazed earthenware pot.

Happy sock knitting and am hoping you can knit without a small, darling kittycat hanging off the end of your knitting needles (I say thank goodness for circular needles, and for my set of interchangable needles and cables for the circulars - Zebby Cat thwarted!!!).

Prior to the move to circulars a few years back my 7 1/2 kilo Zebby hanging onto the end of my knitting needle was quite a challeng , bless my daf, dear feline lad, lol!!!

knutty knitter said...

The other one is even better! But I couldn't just have them as ornaments - we don't have the space so they earn their keep :)

I haven't tried circular needles but I am rather attached to my wooden ones. Sprocket got told off in no uncertain terms about chasing my wool and hasn't done so since. The advantages of training a kitten - she does know what no means when I say it. She just ignores the boys though.


Mickle in NZ said...

Dear Sprocket knows who is the really important Human her life (I wonder who feeds her, cleans up after her etc..)

Wooden needles sound great. I somehow put a lot of pressure onto my knitting needles, so metal are best for me (and even they are developing "curves").

Sending much love and care to Sprocket and her Viv, Michelle xxx