Thursday, June 23, 2011


Life is full of socks at present. All sorts and shapes and colours and sizes. I think I'm onto pair fourteen so far this year! Mind you, they are great for those times when you are bored out of your mind and there is nothing better to do - like committee meetings!

I joined the knitting squad in the valley and, guess what, they are all into socks too. Must be the cold weather or something.

My present pair is 'left over wool' socks. Rainbow mostly and rather bright because I tend to use bright colours anyway.

The mid winter community dinner was held last night and there was an entire line of socks pegged up across the hall. There were also three display boards from our fibre art group showing some of what we are up to. The food was pot luck and interesting and delicious too. The dinner keeps getting bigger and bigger. The hall is starting to look rather full :)

I'm a bit lacking in photos so I will post one or two from earlier collections.


The first is Sprocket of coure, the other two are from a trip to Trotters Gorge which is just out from Palmerston. The rock formations are really wonderful.



Mickle in NZ said...

I'm currently wearing my knitted pairs of socks but not yet knitting any more (other projects have interferred, lol).

Have only visited Otago once, but it sure made an impression on me. Now Sprocket - that jet-powered kitten will leave her impression on everywhere she lands and everyone lucky enough to meet her! Bless the little lass.

knutty knitter said...

She is getting quite big now and I suppose there will have to be a vet visit before very long. She is the cuddliest cat we have had ever. Even Chainsaw wasn't as smoochy as she is and he was pretty good. I think the tourists are going to love her :)


ps If you ever get down here again - let me know :)