Saturday, April 2, 2011

Worstershire sauce

This is for Mickle and anyone else who likes a sharpish sauce on things.

I made around 6 litres of the stuff just because we use it lots. The recipe I use is very easy and requires no special effort but it will smell out your house. Great if you have a cold :)

I mostly use my somewhat elderly Edmonds cook book recipe and then vary it a bit. I also double the recipe so I only have to make it about once a year.

3 onions (chopped)
4.5 litres malt vinegar (1 gallon)
4 tbsp salt
3 pounds apples (chopped cores, pips, skins and all)
2 pounds brown sugar
1 orange chopped skin and all
2 tbsp ground ginger
1 tsp cayenne pepper
2 tbsp cloves
A good splosh of fish sauce or oyster sauce if you like

Put everything into a large pot and boil slowly for 3 hours.
Strain and bottle. Seal when cold.

I used cooking apples off our tree, bugs and all and strained it all through a calico bag I usually use for shopping :) The bag is now an interesting shade of brown with splodges. I did squeeze the bag too as clarity is not necessary to this. I used recycled beer bottles with those resealable tops to store it in. Matt has made a point of getting his beer in these just for the bottles and even though he probably only gets beer about once a month, we now have a good collection of them.


viv in nz

This is Chainsaw.

We do miss him even if Skilly doesn't!!!

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Mickle in NZ said...

Oh yum - thank you very much, dear Viv. I'm saving 1 litre olive oil bottles just for sauces.

Chainsaw was a very noble looking cat, unlike my podge of a Zebby!