Saturday, April 9, 2011


These are some of the spuds we got from the garden this year. This particular batch came out of one straw bale which Matt used as an edge to the main garden. He dug two little holes in the top of each bale and planted a seed potato in each hole with a couple of handfuls of soil, watered a couple of times and left them to their own devices. So this lot is from just two seed potatoes.

I think you could say this is a success :)

viv in nz


Mickle in NZ said...

What glorious looking spuds. I'm sure they will be delicious as freshly dug spuds are sooooo good.

You know, I have exactly the same knives as the two in your photo in my cutlery drawer. They belonged to Mum's parents. I also have Mum's mother's stainless steel mixing bowls which I use every day (but no matter how much I try my baking is never as good as Nana's was).

Just proves that well made kitchen utensils last more than a liftime!

Sending care and huggles to your dear self and to your 3 great blokes, with tickles under the chin added for Skilly,

Michelle xxxxx
(with a mildly snoring Zebby behind me sleeping and warming up my side of the bed)

ms lottie said...

Such a lovely colour!

Peet said...

Hello,this morning I saw an interview with your husband on the news in Holland. the interview was about the steepest street, I also saw the name of your blog, so I googled you. So, Much greetings from Holland, bye Peet

knutty knitter said...

Welcome Peet. That is what you get for living in a famous place :)

ms lottie I love red potatoes - they just taste better if you ask me :)

Hi Mickle. Old stuff is quite often the best - my house is full of it!