Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skilly 1996 - 2011

We had to say goodbye to Skilly today after almost 15 years. She had an incurable cancer that was suffocating her slowly at first but then really fast at the end. She was put to sleep today to stop the suffering and I still can't quite believe that she won't be on our feet tonight as usual. She was found in a rubbish bin at only a few weeks old. We lost her for 3 months when we shifted 7 years back and thought we wouldn't see her again then but she found her way back. Now she will stay in the back yard under the strawberry plants.


The last photo I seem to have of Skilly is also the last photo of Chainsaw. Its almost like they couldn't live without each other even though they didn't do more than tolerate each other.

We will miss her,



Tread Softly said...

I'm sorry for your loss. They look like great cats.

Melanie @ Frugal Kiwi said...

So sorry to hear this Viv. It is terribly hard losing our furry friends. You'll be in my thoughts.

knutty knitter said...

Matt made a collection of all the photos. He misses her the most so we only waited a day and now there is a little lady called Sprocket zooming around. We had planned another kitten after Chainsaw went but I said I didn't think Skilly would approve.

She isn't a replacement - she is herself :) and we are cat people.


Mickle in NZ said...

So sorry to read this - Skilly had a long life with Her humans, and trained you all so very well.This was the only kind thing to do for your beautiful girl.

I'm imagining the difference having a wee Sprocket bounding around your home, and Sprocket's humans having to adjust to her energetic self. I too am a cat person, happy/resigned to being Zebby's sole human/servant.

Sending love and care to you all - it was a hard way for the boys school holidays to finish, Michelle xxxxx

(of course Zebby is sound asleep on "our" bed, at least he is warming up my side)

Mickle in NZ said...

The second sentence doesn't sound right - please read as "this was the right and very kind thing to do for your darling Skilly"

Michelle xx