Monday, August 9, 2010

green mountains

Potato mountains no less. A great way to eat yummy spuds so I thought I'd repost about this.

Apart from that nothing much has happened round here and I don't have anything of burning merit to say :). I was working rather a lot last week (kindy kids are great fun) so there wasn't much time for anything else. However I did spend Sunday at the fibre arts group and achieved quite a lot. I assume a post will go up fairly shortly about that at the site and I know there was an occasional photo taken (not by me :).

We are considering the ways of doing some snow dyeing this winter but the snow has been a bit noticeable by its absence. Chilly bins from inland might have to be resorted to yet.

i learned a heap about beading from an expert instead and that was really good. I have done quite a lot of beading but it is nice to know some of the proper techniques - especially the one for making straight lines - mine always tend to look too organic even if I don't mean them to be.

I think I'll add a Chinese garden photo from last year. This is the Dunedin Chinese Garden and it is rather good.


daharja said...

The Chinese Gardens *is* rather good, isn't it!

Which reminds me, I need to update my membership!

Lovely photos - and yes, the snow today was very welcome - only the second time here has been snow on Maungatua this year, by my reckoning.

knutty knitter said...

So do I!!

A little more snow would be so welcome - especially to the cardboard box brigade!