Thursday, August 26, 2010


The hen run is still rather emptier than it was with both the old rooster and hen (over 10 years old) dying followed rather surprisingly by the young rooster. That was unexpected so now we have to consider what to have next. I still like the idea of fresh eggs every day even although I can't eat them (allergic). The boys still devour what the elderly girls provide so the need is still there.

I think I'd still prefer bantams just because they are less destructive in the garden when let out and I'm hoping that perhaps one of the old girls (yougest is 6, older three are 8), might oblige by being broody with a new batch of chicks.

The senior hen (named Houdini because of her escape antics when younger), has started to crow. It looks a bit odd but I think she feels that as the dominant hen she should stand in for the deceased males. She sounds quite realistic but quite a lot quieter than the real thing.

The photos were mostly taken by the boys a couple of years back.



daharja said...

Hi - We've a rooster (Barnevelder) and were planning to increase our number of chooks this year, the moment the weather improves more stably.

If you want chooks, give me a hoy. It will probably be another month before we see any point in trying to hatch any eggs, but once we do if you want some new chooks I can probably help.

knutty knitter said...

Done, oh she with the hopefully fertile hens. I'll check with the hen boss first though :)


Leanne daharja said...

Hi Viv - the broody hen is doing well so far - she's been on a clutch about a week and a half now.

I'll keep you posted, but if they hatch and you're interested, you're welcome to some :-)

(If they don't hatch, you're welcome to the stinky eggs too LOL)