Monday, March 4, 2013

Elderberries and Walter Peak

We picked elderberries this morning as the wind was gusting hard and I figured there would be none left if we didn't get out there pronto.  These are for friends who were to come later in the week as we already have ours half way to made into cordial. It's definitely getting into blustery autumn weather now.

Matt sorted all the hedge/tree branches into a better pile and has decided to try a hugel permaculture thing with them on the rough bank that has been a trial for forever. Hopefully this will give us a few veges next year.

And back to the holiday things.....

We decided to do a trip to Walter Peak on the Earnslaw for the day.  James didn't want to come (the boys had been last holiday with grandma) but William did so we packed a lunch (being too poor to buy one after paying for the tickets) and set off on the boat. It was a lovely day and not too hot for once.  There was a wind on the lake and Matt is now minus one hat.  An errant gust sent it flying over the side.

There was a guided tour of the farm stuff with sheep and all but we mostly ignored that (we come from this area so it was nothing new) and took photos of this and that instead.  There was a morning tea included in the ticket price and we made good use of that - very nice too with creamed fresh pikelets, cake and scones with tea or coffee.

Then we decided to explore a bit.  We visited the shop but didn't buy anything and then walked around the shore line until we got to a gate.  We then retraced ourselves a bit and ate our lunch on the beach.  I got out my sketch book and made several sketches, one of which I think is rather good.  Then we walked back and investigated the gardens and bought iceblocks as it was rather hot.

The Earnslaw

Setting off

You could go visit the engine

as you can see - stuffy and hot!

Looking towards Walter peak

The wharf at Walter Peak

Looking up the valley

the mountain ridge behind

rather impressive!

the farmhouse (massive as these always are)

stone skipping, lunch bay

more stone skipping
view from the wharf

coming to get us!

towards Queenstown

almost back
We watched the boat come in again for the last trip and caught it back to Queenstown in time for tea (we stayed through the second sailing in order to explore).  It was a very nice trip and well worth the cost.



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Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Funny to think that you're picking elderberries when we've not seen the elder blossom yet!