Sunday, April 15, 2012

Picture quilts

I finally remembered to take the photos of those three hangings above my mother this afternoon.

I made them about 5 years ago now. They are constructed using layers of coloured mesh that are then cut away to form the image. The mountain one has around 7 layers of dark blue mesh on a satin ground and a couple of layers of sky colours as well. It takes ages to cut all the various layers down to where you want them!

The beach scene has shells pushed in from the edge of the final layer after quilting and before the edge goes on. I did try to get them in before sewing on an earlier piece but they just interfered too much and several broke so now I plan the stitching so that I can wiggle them in later.

The third piece has a darkish blue satin and a more solid piece of sheer from an old dress as well as a piece of net from an old hat.

Mum picked these three pieces for her wall out of the dozen or so I made at the time. She also wanted the hooked rug I designed and hooked when I was rather a lot younger. I originally made this design for a cross stitch table cloth and adapted it for the rug later just because I thought it had potential and I liked it. (I still have the cloth. I think I was about 19 when I did it.)

They were a lot of fun to do and there are very few limits as to what you can push under the layers of netting. I like to put one overall layer on at the end to stop the edges from lifting before doing the final quilting. Some of these also play with different grades of net and with adding smaller, pre-cut pieces too. And its a great way to use all those shells etc that get brought home from the beach (incurable beach comber here :).

Oh, and my indoor photography sucks! Sorry for the blur and the poor colour.


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ms lottie said...

Wow, they are really interesting. Love the top one - it's got so much depth.