Friday, April 6, 2012


My capsicums are finally beginning to turn red. I was convinced we had some that simply grow green and stay that way so I am happy :)

This week has been busy with Matt finally getting the rest of the floor into James room so he no longer has a plastic lined conversation pit. Matt used some extra board to line the pit so it is now a secret storage pit with a lift up lid. That meant that I spent rather a lot of time clearing all James things out of the hallway and various other rooms so I can finally walk down there without gaining a few more bruises on all the stuff. Now all I need is for the 6 old computer monitors and the 11 old computers to go to their new homes and the house might feel more like it should. They are part of the school computer club stuff which Matt runs for the kids at lunchtime one day a week. They are going to refurbish them with Linux and use them for this and that. Eventually they will all be given away and the next lot will appear by magic I'm thinking!

I went to the knitting squad on Wednesday as usual and M came in with a certificate he had designed and printed out for my Mum who has donated all her left over (but new) baby knits (she loved to knit this stuff) to the valley project to be given as gifts to new arrivals as a welcome present. Sheila came to give the certificate yesterday and Matt took some photos.

Apart from that, I've made a batch of apple ketchup and thats about it for this week.

viv in nz


ms lottie said...

Yay for the ridding of shin-bruising junk! And yay for your Mum, handknits are very special. Any chance of a run down of those pics on the wall behind her? I'm nosey, I know, but they look very interesting!

knutty knitter said...

Those are some patchwork things I made a few years back - I'll see if I have a photo or two.....


Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Great pics of your Mum ... and what a lovely thing for her to have done x