Friday, December 23, 2011

Cut away pieces

The Art fibre Dunedin site has a couple of photos of me and my things but I thought I would post a couple of my own pics as well because I did two of them and Pat got the photo the wrong way round:)

The orange and blue thing was using a piece we did at the marbling event earlier along with a few bits of plain commercial stuff. I was rather pleased with the outcome as I have struggled to use this fabric in other directions (there's a derelict piece hiding in the corner looking at me mournfully right now!). Then I got keen and set out with a piece of fake fur in lurid yellow, a piece of old curtain net. part of an old blouse and a bit of reject dark brown stuff. The result was definitely interesting. Somehow there are animals in that set of random shapes :)

I think I might explore this type of design a bit more.....


ps the yellow is much brighter in real life - I should have used the flash or something :)


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