Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Gutbuster

I got a few photos of the annual gutbuster so here they are :)

The beginning

Going up

Action shot of the guy that won

The children and young peoples race

The girl that won

Panoramic with our house

The walk

Bad hair day:)

viv in nz


Julia said...

LOL @ ther bad hair day!

By the looks of that street..I take it you live in Dunedin??

knutty knitter said...

Yes, Dunedin it is, Baldwin Street worlds steepest etc (and I'd be a millionaire if I got a dollar for every photo of our house :)


Mickle in NZ said...

I reckon the builders of my wee flat based the gradient of the demon steps on that of Baldwin St!!!!

At least you don't have far to go to watch the fun, and enjoy the spring sunshine!!

knutty knitter said...

At least Wellington got their streets right - all zig zags rather than just going straight up the hill because its easier to map....