Monday, August 15, 2011

more snow

Matt worked hard on Saturday and got the little deck connection to the back porch finished so we no longer have to go down the very big first step to get to the kitchen/toilet. Then it snowed..... and snowed and there is no school today and there are still the odd snow flurries around. You have to understand that snow isn't a very common thing round here so the kids have gone off with a friend to play in the snow despite their teenage status :)

It also meant that you had to pick your time for the kitchen etc with care or dress for the outdoors because the snow tended to go down your neck and stick to your clothes...brrrrr! We had to sweep it rather a lot too or wade through the snow in slippers. Not recommended.

Eventually there will be some kind of cover but not yet. I might add that I am typing this in gloves and a woolly dressing gown over my clothes and sitting over the heater - there are still way too many gaps in this house and you can see snow outside from the shower with no intervening glass/wall. Its not too bad in here and will warm up in a bit but generally it is just cold!

In other news, mum is back from the hospital and seems about where she was before which is great :) Her stitches will be removed next Thursday so that is ok.

There was a small bird which hit the window and stunned itself the other day. It sat on my windowbox for quite a while recovering itself but was ok. It is what we call a waxeye but is also known as a silvereye and rather cute.

For those who wish, there is a competition over at Frugal Kiwi too. I really like that site so this is a plug for it too :)


Hope you like these



Mickle in NZ said...

I'll bet Sprocket is snuggled up inside - Zebby glared at the here today snow and went back to bed (luckily he has an indoor litter tray).

Great news about your Mum. Mine is in Tauranga Hospital after having a leg artery cleaned out - she's making good progress.

Snow all day and now we have thunderstorm close by. What next?

Sending care and smiles, Michelle

knutty knitter said...

Sprocket went and played in the snow - lots :) Then came and warmed up on us and then went out again!

Its still snowing here.
Glad your mum is ok too.

Purrrrrrrs to Zebby