Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm growing says Sprocket

I think Sprocket has grown at least to double her size since we got her and is rapidly turning into the cat version of a teenager. She has got that rather leggy look and her eyes have started to change colour. I'm not sure what colour they will end up yet but the process has begun.

I went on camp with the art fibre group over the weekend and that was a lot of fun. I caught up on all my journal quilts and have good ideas for a couple more as well. I never seem to have the time when at home despite the perfect set up. Something always gets in the way!

Anyway, the weather was perfect and so was the wood fire :) I didn't get to do the dyeing but I did so much else that it doesn't really matter. Hopefully I will get some dyeing done this weekend (but I'm not holding my breath). I did use one of the really good discharge fabrics I did last year and it is one of my better efforts I think. I'll post a photo when its done as I still need to add some embellishments. There might even be the odd photo on the other site in better definition yet :)

This photo was taken a week back and she has grown again since then! This was her first look at a mirror.



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