Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to school

William is back at school today and James goes tomorrow so a new year is started - the last we will have with primary school as William will be at high school next year too.

That means less expense for school but probably more for other things. Also it means I get some time to myself except on Tuesdays when I teach. In fact Tuesday looks like being booked up solid for everyone except Matt.  I think that might be out take out or left over night somehow.

I have finished the sewing for the end of the middle section for the quilt but have yet to join it in. Today has been a bit of a no hope day - no energy, a blood test for me and mum, the plumber inspecting a couple of what I hope will be minor leaks and Matt going out to a client.  I think I forgot to take my asthma meds which hasn't helped either.

Oh well, there's still some of the day left :)

viv in nz

The photo is one half of our community center in transit across the fence.  The other half followed and they ended up just behind the crane on the left.  This means that we no longer have to go through the main school grounds to get to it which is a vast improvement (or will be when its finished ).


Mickle in NZ said...

Seeing the centre being removed reminded me of how my primary school got its school hall (back in 1976)

Would love to share more directly with you, i'm at" mickleATclear DOTnetDOTnz

You see, it had been an Army Hall back in WWII, then the Catholic Church for yonks (until they built "The Elephant House" up on a high hill in Newlands) .... next up my Mum suggested it to the school committee for a school hall ..........)

WOuld love to share and discuss with you before I share "My School Hal" on my blog

SEnding care and gentle huggles,


Mickle in NZ said...

And one day I will proof read properly.

Happy stitching, Michelle xxx (escaping before any more grammer "stuff-ups")

knutty knitter said...

Grammar???...what grammar - I'm sure I didn't see a grammar :)


Cotswoldgent said...

Hope you feel a bit more with it soon, Like you I suffer from Asthma. Been catching up on your posts, tell me what is a "Tiger Slug"? Sounds like a very evil insect!