Friday, January 7, 2011

garden stuff

I finally got round to taking some photos of the garden with the main gardener and (non) helper. The back yard is finally beginning to look more like it should and may give us a few veg later but more likely, no much until next year as it has taken a while to get it dug. I might even have my long promised steps by then and not have to risk sliding down on my behind :) (It has happened)

My confirmed convolvulus hunter hard at work :) The old apple tree looks to have lots of fruit this year so there will be apple jelly again with luck. The pile of gravel was scraped off the other garden bed because it used to be the end of the driveway but, being that the last vehicle to go there had to be removed with a tow line, it hasn't been used. It makes a really good garden and Matt is going to extend it further up the drive yet to give a bit more space.

Feel free to visually edit out the weeds :) And the very large, overgrown hedge which actually gives a lot of protection so it will stay although it might get trimmed back a bit.

I also finished one of my felted pieces which has been waiting since forever - at least it feels that way. I haven't completely finalised my list of pieces for the exhibition yet so will need to get onto those too. I won't post photos of those because the exhibition photos will be far superior to anything I can do.

For those interested the site is so you can see what other stuff I get up to.

viv in nz


ms lottie said...

Your head gardener has been hard at work! I guess living on the steepest street has it's challenges when it comes to gardening. I remember the only thing I really grew successfully in my wee Dunedin student flat garden was thyme! Looks like you had a good trip south too.

knutty knitter said...

Telling the truck where it was delivering soil got a bit of a look!

Otherwise the section is in two relatively flat sections which makes things easier :)