Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We have been harvesting rhubarb for about a week now and our small patch is starting to run down so not much more to come for a while. I think there may be a case for a few more plants as we all like it :)

Matt has started to clear the bottom of what was to be the driveway but which ended up too soft even with a ton (literally) of gravel on top. He is going to convert most of it into veg garden by creating a raised bed on it and building a small brick wall (recycled chimney) on the boundary with a gravel path. Should work ok and gets plenty of sun too.

We got four bales of straw and placed them along the edge of the cleared bank to make a raised edge for the other garden. This should last until we can afford to put in a proper edge and will then be converted to mulch (if it hasn't already).

We also planted a quince tree but will need to wait several years for that to be of any account fruit wise. We hope to add a greengage and a green apple of some sort along the same bank where the old hedge was. A row of fruit trees is a lot more useful than an old hedge!

My inside tomato is already two thirds up the window and starting to set fruit. I had to use some digit control on a bunch of aphids so it must be that season again!

Two of the four old potatoes I planted have reached the surface at the front gate (they went there because it happened to be clear of weeds for a change). I also planted the remains of an old packet of seed, (peas and beans) and some of those look to have sprouted too despite the expiry date on the packet being about two years back. There was an old garlic that had sprouted too so I broke that up and planted it amongst the dahlias and it seems to be doing well too despite being the wrong time to plant it.

Spring has sprung. I even filled the wheelbarrow like I said I would, with lettuces and pansies. They will be big enough to harvest the odd leaf by next week from the looks of it.

So there you have it. For once we should have some of our own produce to eat :) Even the odd hen is laying the odd egg!

The photos are of our old rhododendron tree (about the same age as the house we think - 1912) and an iris that lives under the pink thing in front of the rhododendron.

viv in nz


Mickle in NZ said...

What an incredible Rhodie, such glorious flowers! And a quince tree to reward you with prettily scented fruit in a year or few. The aroma through your home as you cook them will be wonderful.

Hope your Mum has made it home and is doing well, sending care and huggles, Michelle and a snoring Zebby Cat, xxx and zzzzzzzzzzz

knutty knitter said...

Skilly is around somewhere - probably in one of the boys rooms dreaming of rats!

Quince scent is a lot nice than old fish and chip paper which is what I came home to tonight :)


Mickle in NZ said...

Oh dear - they didn't share the fish and chips with you?

Zebby isn't a hunter (or a fighter or defender - I have to rescue him from feline debates). However late last Summer he did catch a wee mouse that was just lurking in an agapanthus plant. I thwarted Zeb's attempt to bring the mousie inside. Instead Zeb was shut inside and the half grown mouse allowed to escape into the bush.

Yep - Zeb's human is a spoil-sport, with a keen eye for her pantry supplies! xxx and zzzzzzzzzzz from him again, Michelle