Monday, November 8, 2010

The Dunedin Botanical Gardens

A friend and I went to the gardens as we do most years in the Spring and wandered round looking at the flowers - mostly azelias and rhododendrons this time as we were too late for the cherry blossoms. I took a few nice photos so here are a few to brighten up the day.

Since then we have spent most of our time filling a skip with rubbish from the back yard - mostly old hedge and stuff from the house renovations. Way too much for composting unfortunately so this time its off to the landfill.



Mickle in NZ said...

But doesn't it feel good to know all that stuff from the hedge and renos will soon be far away. The hedge bits will still greenly decompose at the land fill, as will any wooden bits from the work on your home.

I haven't tried growing potatoes yet - my Folks' spud plants up in Tauranga are rampant!

Sending care and huggles, with special gentle stroking for your dear cat, Michelle and .....

Zebby Cat who is in the shower box having a drink (he has decided water bowls are boring, so I keep having to pour water into the shower - thankfully the showerbase doesn't drain evenly)

knutty knitter said...

Thats just what Skilly does. She sits on the washing machine and asks to have the tap dribbled in the bathtub for her :)

There was rather more hedge than would fit so the compost heap round here will be somewhat massive.