Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jaffa race

Every year for the last 10 years there has been a jaffa race down our street. For those who don't know jaffas are orange coated chocolate balls that are traditionally rolled down the steps in old movie theaters to annoy. 25,000 went down this year. It is a charity race and you buy your number for $2.

There was a cherry picker placed in our driveway so we scored a free bag of goodies and a ride up in it after the event :) Gave us a nice view of our hot water solar system and the new roof and the old veranda roof we can't afford to replace yet!

You can see jaffas in some of the photos if you look hard.

There were about 12000 people in the street which was a bit crowded but fun.

viv in nz


Chile said...

Ok, that's just weird...

knutty knitter said...

I know :) Good fun though and for a good cause!


daharja said...

The first time I saw the jaffa race, I wanted to hang out down the bottom, with a big funnel pointed to my mouth!

Then I saw what state they were in when they reached the bottom...maybe not ;-)

knutty knitter said...

Good point :)


ms lottie said...

Hey, you live on the steepest street! How cool! I've panted my way up that a few times when I lived down in Dunners to study (I wasn't one of those rowdy, couch burning ones - just a nice, quiet, too-busy-studying-to-cause-any-trouble ones).

knutty knitter said...

Yes, we do attract lots of students :) I rather like living here - its interesting!

Our back yard is very private so hubby doesn't mind too much :)